Shop Management Software

One of the layers of the Intrastores Group is our award winning E-Commerce software Platform called 'shopCtrl' (shopcontrol).
Save time and money, and use shopCtrl to manage your products, process your orders and support your customers.

“The first shopCtrl store was our own !”

It did what it was supposed to, and it did it well. After seeing its success, we realized that we could provide this tool to others, and help them sell their products online. At Intrastores we stand for simplicity, elegance, and common sense, and we hope to infuse those qualities in everything we do.

We are a team of highly dedicated individuals. We all share the passion for shopCtrl and commitment to excellence.

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When you partner with Intrastores, it means a mutually successful, dynamic business relationship with unlimited potential.

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Intrastores uses SSL, an encryption technology that works with all webbrowsers, so that only Intrastores can read a buyer's personal information.

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We are passionate about serving our customers. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

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