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Intrastores - The Online Retail Group

Intrastores is a dutch online retailer that has been serving customers since 2007. The company has built a stronghold within automotive parts and garden&home products, one of the fastest growing segments in e-commerce. 

Intrastores was originally established in 2007 with one online store,, With the success of this shop, founders Toine Bastiaans and Tim Oosterbaan quickly recognized an opportunity to create niche webstores, each offering unparalleled selection within a single category of products.

This collection of niche stores quickly became one of the fastest-growing online retailers in Europe.

Intrastores has experienced double-digit growth through the course of its history. Core drivers of our business growth strategy include unrivaled product selection, superior customer experience, and recruiting and maintaining outstanding talent.

Intrastores is privately held and not funded by any third party.

Tim Oosterbaan / Toine A.G. Bastiaans
Board of Directors Intrastores




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When you partner with Intrastores, it means a mutually successful, dynamic business relationship with unlimited potential.

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Intrastores uses SSL, an encryption technology that works with all webbrowsers, so that only Intrastores can read a buyer's personal information.

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We are passionate about serving our customers. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

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