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Businesses must manage their costs and pricing strategies accurately in order to make a high enough profit margin to be profitable. The profit margin is the amount of revenue made through sales after the cost of making or buying goods has been accounted for. For most companies, especially retail companies, profit margins are primarily made up from the markup, the amount that the business raises the price on a good after the good is bought and before it is sold to the consumer.

Markup strategies control how a business approaches its pricing. In general, the cheaper a business can buy goods from a manufacturer, the higher it can make the markup for the consumer without going beyond what the market will accept. However, there are many checks and balances to the system, and markets undergo constant change, making it difficult for some industries to break out of a limited markup field. After all, retailers are not only competing against each other, but also against brokers, distributors and wholesalers, depending on the industry.

Intrastores helps manufacturers setting up their e-business platforms, to enable direct selling to consumers.

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